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Hark! was originally scratches and stains on a metallic dumpster.
I took this image on a very cold, overcast day. I was on the way to a grocery store and happened upon this dumpster. I have learned that dumpsters can disappear or be “refinished” (a true tragedy!) at any given moment, so I didn’t want to waste this opportunity. I asked the workmen for permission to take some photos and then spent 90 minutes shooting as many images as I could before my fingers started aching from the cold. When I came home and processed the prints, I was immediately taken with this image. This image is a good example of how the same image can evoke wildly different visual metaphors for different viewers. I happen to imagine a raven in a confrontation with a snake-like creature, while a good friend told me he saw a yeti trekking uphill.

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Gallery Contemporary
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Interplay by Jonathan Katz

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