Fine Art Finishing Options

Gallery Contemporary Prints

Gallery Contemporary

This is a high-end product that provides a true photographic print mounted to a sheet of aluminum and finished with a high gloss acrylic laminate. This is a wall ready option that does not require a frame to look great.  It offers a clean modern look and shows nice depth on a wall. That doesn’t mean you can’t later add a frame for a spectacular “glassless” presentation.

Baryta/ Acrylic Prints


A photographic print on baryta fiber paper mounted between 1/8” crystal clear Diasec acrylic sheet. The end product is a frameless image with stunning visual clarity that also looks substantial on the wall.

Metal Prints

Dye Sublimation (Metal Print)

Photographic process where dye is transferred to a special coating over metal.  Metal prints are known for their color gamut which allows for highly saturated colors

Matted Prints

Traditional Prints (Unframed)

 We also provide beautiful metallic-surfaced prints on high-end inkjet paper. The image is sized to fit best on a letter-sized paper and is then dry-mounted on 12” x 16” (standard frame size)  foam core.  Panoramic images are matted to about 5.5” x 10”.  You are purchasing a frame-ready image which arrives in a plastic sleeve.

Print Fulfillment

The above fine art products are fulfilled by Reed Art and Imaging in Denver.
These products are considered archival prints and include a certificate of
authenticity signed by the printer and the artist.

Interplay by Jonathan Katz

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