Dear Friends,

I want to share with you the recent news that Terry and I received at the Mayo Clinic.  A biopsy revealed the recurrence of an Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma (ACC) Tumor on the base of my tongue.  Although I’ve been given the diagnosis, along with surgical recommendations that are simply untenable to me, the good news is that there is no evidence of metastatic disease elsewhere in my body at present.  Since I am forgoing debilitating surgery, which at this time is the best option that modern medicine can offer, I am faced with uncertainty with regard to how much longer my life will continue as it has been.  That said, ACC can be a very slow growing tumor, until it is not. As such, I announced my retirement and have been scrambling to get everything in place for my customers and their new IT provider.  Despite the recent news about the ACC, I am actually enthusiastically looking forward to enjoying the rest of my life, with the companionship and support of Terry, Molly, and my family and friends (and my beloved pet), without the responsibility of running a business, which while gratifying in its own way, took a lot of my attention from the things in life that I most enjoy doing.

Once things settle down, I hope to do some writing to express my thoughts about life, photography, art, perception, science, music, community, and the many other things I appreciate that make me feel so alive and happy.  I  hope to lead holiday services and attend regular Shabat services. I am hoping to perform a future piano recital once I’m prepared.

I have only gratitude for the many years, filled with countless blessings, that I’ve enjoyed since my first encounter with ACC back in 1987 and suffer no feelings of victimhood with regard to my condition. I’m most sorry for the inevitable pain that Terry and Molly will suffer in my absence but have no regrets or feelings that I have missed out on any of the pleasures and constructive challenges that life affords us.  On the contrary, in my life, I have had the privilege to share love, from an early age, with my soulmate as well as to cultivate trusting relationships and friendships.  I have also been fortunate to appreciate and enjoy the aesthetic and intellectual treasures as well as the monumental scientific achievements that our collective humanity has been producing over the millennia.  That is a gift. I m

Please direct correspondence to me at Also, please let me know if you’d like me to inform you of future postings.


Best wishes,



ight also want to share my recent photographic work as I produce it, since I’m often very excited when a new image, of something mundane yet beautiful, comes into the world.  On that topic, amidst all the hubbub of getting my customer relationships and other business in order, Terry insisted that she wanted to buy me the medium-format camera that I had been contemplating buying and sent me out to Mike’s Camera last Tuesday.  I have some first images from the camera, and while I know it might take time to fully master the operation of such a large system, the preliminary results are really exciting and promising to me.  If you are interested, you can find those images in a portfolio elsewhere on this same website.

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